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    Club members receive 10 nights of free lodging per year in our rustic streamside cabins.  In addition members also get discounts on other premium accomodations including Buffalo Creek Lodge.


    As a member you’ll finally fish those private stretches of water including more than 50 miles of secluded streams and rivers and 7 private lakes all within a 30 minute drive of Walden, Colorado.


    Membership in the club is limited to just 65 people to ensure that your fly fishing experience is everything you’ve imagined; no crowds, healthy fish and stunning scenery in the pristine wilderness.

Experience One of the Top Private Fly Fishing Clubs in Colorado

Are you frustrated because your favorite fishing spot has grown more and more crowded over the years? Has this made you start dreaming about private fly fishing clubs? In Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, North Park Anglers Fly Fishing Club is renown not only for those giant browns and rainbows but also for the stunning beauty of the crystal-clear streams and lakes that reflect the surrounding snow-capped mountain ridges.

Picture this: The sun is starting to set and as the water reflects the sky-blue pink clouds you think to yourself that this has been a spectacular day of fishing already but you know it’s only going to get better in the next few minutes. It’s been a day on a peaceful, sparkling stretch of river like no other… no anglers in the water except for you… not a soul around… pristine, breath-taking views in every direction… golden leaves rustling on the aspen trees…. And then…you spot a moose standing knee-deep in a quiet beaver pond nearby. Her two calves are waiting on the bank. She hasn’t noticed you. Things are so still that you can hear her breathing and the sound of the water dripping off of her as she lifts her head out of the pond munching on the tender grasses. You decide to move closer when you notice a small brown trout sipping flies off the surface right in front of you. Then over there one breaks the surface. Then another. As you strip line and begin casting she notices you, but doesn’t seem to care. You focus on the fly, tugging it along the surface when, smack, one takes it. It’s definitely not the largest one of the day, but it doesn’t get much better than this. This day is everything you had imagined when you dreamed of private fly fishing clubs. In Colorado, your dream can come true.

North Park Anglers Fly Fishing Club is a private club with limited membership to ensure that your fishing experience is never compromised. Gone are the days of over fished, crowded rivers. With a cap of just 65 members, and more than 50 miles of private streams and rivers, you do the math. That’s nearly a mile of pristine water for each member. You’re virtually guaranteed to never see another person while fishing club waters. Finally, a fishing experience that guarantees solitude, peace and quiet and giant fish that have likely never been caught before. If you’re interested in discovering more, please check out our fly fishing club membership page before enrollment is closed to the public.