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Club Waters

Unlike most other fishing clubs that offer their members fishing access on waters spread across an entire state, or even several states, North Park Anglers Fly Fishing Club members enjoy access to more than 50 miles of private rivers and 7 private lakes that are all located in one spectacular County and within a 30 minute drive of our office in Walden, Colorado.

The rivers vary in nature, from the meadow stream characteristics of the Canadian River to the freestone characteristics of the North Fork of the North Platte River, and in size, from the average 60 foot width of the North Platte River to the 10 foot width of Hell Creek, but they all offer quality fishing with no other anglers in sight. The majority of fishing access is by walking and wading but the North Platte does provide float fishing opportunities.

The club’s stillwaters vary in size from 1 to 200+ acres. The club’s access includes fishing beats on The North Platte, Canadian, North Fork, Illinois, and Michigan Rivers, as well as Norris, Wheeler, Jack, Hell, and Big Creeks. The trophy trout lakes include the Dodge, Huston, Upper and Lower Kimmons, House, Michigan, and Meadow Creek Reservoir.