Colorado's Fly Fishing Specialists

What to Bring

Fly fishermen will feel comfortable fishing the club waters with a 5 wt. rod 90% of the time. However, there are few fly fishing enthusiasts that own only one rod, and for those in the retail end of the fly fishing world; that’s a good thing. There are times that we find a shorter 3wt rod is great for fishing the smaller, willow-choked streams while delicately presenting dry flies, while other times, when chucking large streamers at undercut banks, a 6wt or even 7wt proves effective. Waders are a must for the temperatures encountered during spring and fall fishing and often prove very effective during the summer months in providing protection from mosquitoes; gore-tex is a must for mid-summer temperatures. Club members must use nets with a rubber netting material to help insure fish are released un-harmed. Fly patterns will vary greatly throughout the season; from midges in the spring to tricos in the summer to streamers in the fall. No need to worry about what patterns to use…a current hatch chart/suggested fly list is posted in the clubhouse and on our websites.

The unpredictable nature of high-mountain weather necessitates a layering approach to clothing. During the spring and fall seasons, there will be times when long underwear, a warm hat, gloves, a fleece jacket or sweater, and high-quality rain gear/outer shell will certainly be welcomed. For the summer months, one should have long-sleeve shirts and long pants made of a synthetic material as they provide protection from wind, sun, and mosquitoes and dry quickly if you should get wet. A brimmed hat or cap, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, and water are must-haves and can be easily carried in a small daypack.

For members planning to stay at one of the stream side cabins, you should plan on bringing all the items you would typically bring when camping, except for a tent. Essentially, the cabins are hard-sided tents. Cots, chairs, tables, some counter space, and an outhouse is provided. Visitors will need to bring water, food, sleeping bags and pads, cook stove, lighting, cooking supplies (pot, pan, dishes, glasses, etc), trash bags, and whatever else will make your stay comfortable. All trash is to be removed when you depart and the cabin should be left in a clean and useable condition for the next club member to use.