Colorado's Fly Fishing Specialists


The North Park Anglers Fly Fishing Club operates on approximately 100,000 acres of private lands that are primarily managed as large working ranches. This large, undeveloped tract of land provides food for an ever-growing population, jobs for local families, and critical habitat for a boundless array of species, from moose to trout, as well as providing club members a critical respite from everyday life. In order to protect and perpetuate the unique and special ranching character for future generations, special and careful considerations are established and must be adhered by all who enjoy this special place.

  • Club membership permits access to all properties for angling purposes only…no camping, campfires, or littering is allowed
  • Hunting, target shooting, rifles, handguns, and bows are not permitted on club properties
  • ATV’s, motorcycles, and bicycles are not permitted on club properties
  • Club members must sign contracts and liability release waivers upon joining…member’s guests must sign liability waivers prior to visiting club properties
  • Fishing is with artificial flies and lures containing a single, barbless hook only
  • All fish must be released unharmed, members must use nets with a rubber netting material
  • Gates must always be left as you found them; if they are closed when you come to them…please close them once you’ve passed through, if they were open…you may leave them open
  • Members must use only specified roads and parking areas to access fishing beats, some roads may have temporary closures during wet periods. Members should refrain from vehicle travel on muddy roads where excessive damage may occur
  • Members must have an advance reservation prior to accessing the club property
  • Members may use personal belly boats or pontoon boats on the lakes only. Boats, canoes, and rafts capable of carrying more than one person are prohibited from any club rivers, streams, or lakes. Float fishing is possible on the North Platte River sections and, for safety considerations, is limited to guided trips only; no personal river floats are permitted.
  • Dogs are permitted only if they are well-behaved and under your direct control at all times. Direct control means never more than 10 feet away from you and not roaming freely around club property or waters. Most dogs, even if well-behaved, will chase wild animals and livestock creating a very dangerous and intolerable situation. Any dogs witnessed that are not under control of their owner will be banned from club properties. Dogs are not allowed at any of the clubs’ premium lodging properties.
  • Members must possess a valid Colorado fishing license
  • Members must be respectful of private property and not interfere in any way with ranching
    operations…nothing but trash is to be removed from the properties
  • Members are strictly prohibited from “guiding” (charging and/or accepting money or goods and/or services in return for accessing the club property) their guests on club waters; guests must be family or friends, not paying clients
  • Club members will be held financially responsible for any property damage caused by their (or their guests) negligent actions
  • NPAFFC management reserves the right to change or modify any rules, regulations, policies, or pricing structures deemed necessary for the proper and safe management of the club
  • NPAFFC management may, upon their discretion, terminate any membership as it deems appropriate for any action that does not conform to the clubs policies, rules, and/or regulations. Notification of termination will be made in writing and effective immediately. If the membership is terminated, all initiation and membership fees/dues and privileges are forfeited.